The ABQ- Albuquerque

Our first experience in New Mexico…arrived early in the morning on the Greyhound…and it was even colder than Phoenix…even snow covering the mountains that hover over the city. Our great friend John Survivor Blake took great care of us, and is an amazing cook. Besides our show in Rio Rancho at a BBQ Smokehouse (which made us feel right at home), the high point of our stay was the Sandia Peak Tram, which is the longest tram in the world…yup, the world. It climbs up for 15 mins through the mountains and reaches two miles in altitude…there is even a ski resort up there and a restaurant. Nuff said, it was gorgeous, check out the video we posted to get a glimpse.


Sin City and Phoenix

Ahhhh, Las Vegas…lights, slot machines, and shattered dreams…and oh, a pretty dope arts scene. We had no idea, but thanks to our good friend A.J. Moyer, we had the opportunity to rock a couple of great shows out in the downtown arts district. We walked around on the strip for a day, lost about 10 bucks on slots and called it a wrap, went up in the vegas Eiffel Tower and watched the Bellagio water show…unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with the flip cam and all of our vegas footage was deleted 😦 After Sin City we headed to Phoenix, AZ where we spent the week with our good friend Myrlin Hepworth, and had the opportunity to do some great shows and workshops, including one that we taught in Spanish at Casa de Suenos,a shelter for homeless youth who had crossed the border alone from Mexico and Central America. The kids were incredibly inspiring and re-energized us for the last leg of the tour. On a side note, it was great getting to link up with one of my best friends and hip hop partner from high school, John Bagby,who I hadn’t seen in 5 years, and on my birthday too (Dec. 4th Sagittarius baby). G and Myrlin took me mini golfing as a present and I think I even won, even though Myrlin “misplaced” the scorecard at the end…or maybe they were just letting me win 😉 The most ironic part of our whole stay in Phoenix is that it was the coldest place we had been yet, which is crazy considering its reputation as one of the country’s most scorching cities. i guess it is better to be a little chilly than have to endure 120 degrees in the desert.


Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

It is pretty hard to follow up Hawaii, kind of like having to spit a poem after George Yamazawa every night 😉 haha.  Luckily, the Bay area is pretty amazing itself, so we were happy to make it our next stop for a week and a half.  We kicked it with our good friend Dre in Oakland for a few nights, and then caught up with our homie and fellow Sacrificial Poet founder C.J. Suitt in Berkeley.  We stayed with C.J. in his new apartment, and enjoyed many mornings, afternoons, and nights kicking it on the roof overlooking the city.  We had some great shows at Berkeley Slam, San Francisco City Slam, and Mouth Off Wednesdays in Oakland, and had the opportunity to teach a workshop with some youth from The City (S.F.’s nickname) in our friend Tongo’s class.  The 10 days in the Bay was full of good weather, plenty of Bubble Tea, and lots of walking the streets…there is so much to see.  Our good friend and amazing poet Myrlin Hepworth came in town from Phoenix (we will be staying with him Dec 1-7 when we get to Phoenix) so we got in a couple games of pool and a dope cypher and celebrated G’s 21st birthday after our show Wednesday…he’s all grown up now!!!  Someone (hint: he’s tall, lanky, and not as fresh as he thinks he is) got G a fresh new pair of all black PF Flyers for his bday…yep, the ones that Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez uses to outrun the ball-snatching Saint Bernard in the movie Sandlot…crisp kicks always put a smile on G’s face 🙂